Smart Article Rewriter review

Smart Article Rewriter review

Smart Article Rewriter is a newer, automated, online article spinner released in June 2010. This is an online cross-platform web based application with a simple user friendly interface and fast user interaction. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS (requires one of supported web browser: Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Mozilla 3.0 and higher, Chrome 5 and higher).

Two packages are available for beginners and advanced users: Basic and Smart.
This review will mention specific features of the packages.


​The product in this review no longer exists or is outdated.

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Extremely powerful feature is that any operation can be done without mouse! All buttons have shortcuts!

Online article spinner has clean user friendly interface for spinning articles with fast interaction (it takes milliseconds to get a list of at least 4 synonyms per word), base text processor and full keyboard support. Smart package includes rich text processor with advanced text formatting.

Shortcuts for commands toolbar:

  • Undo (Ctrl+Shift+Z)
  • Redo (Ctrl+Shift+Y)
  • Spin selected text (Ctrl+Shift+N)
  • Replace all occurrences (Ctrl+Shift+R)
  • Make optional word/sentence (Ctrl+Shift+Z)
  • Delete first word/sentence (Ctrl+Shift+D)
  • Add to favorites (Ctrl+Shift+[ )
  • Remove from favorites (Ctrl+Shift+] )
  • Apply all favorites (Ctrl+Shift+I )
  • Save (Ctrl+S)
  • Export (Ctrl+E)
  • Generate article (Ctrl+G)

Smart Article Rewriter commands

Rewriter’s editor also has shortcuts:

  • Select next part of speech (Tab)
  • Select previous part of speech (Shift+Tab)
  • Add/remove a synonym using Ctrl+num (number is indicated on the right side of synonyms list) or by pressing Ctrl+[ to add topmost synonym and Ctrl+] to remove it

SAR Select synonyms without mouse

Online article spinner features

Whopping built-in thesaurus with 246, 000 synonyms for Basic package and 501,000 synonyms & 18 000 synonyms sets, updated by real users writing real articles, for Smart package. Users can add own synonyms (“Add to favorites” Ctrl+Shift+[ ) and synonyms sets applying them all with one click ("Apply all favorites" Ctrl+Shift+I ). Online article spinner allows unlimited levels of nested spinning, paragraph and sentence spinning, useful feature is replacing of all occurrences ("Replace all occurrences" Ctrl+Shift+R) of word, sentence or paragraph with selected spin clause without adding this spin clause to user's favorites sets.

Awesome feature for users who are using Private Label Rights (PLR)  content - you can remove original word, sentence or paragraph from spin  clause ("Delete first word/sentence" Ctrl+Shift+D) so that original text of PLR article will be wiped off while saving it's meaning.

Online article spinner allows you mark word/sentence as optional ("Make optional word/sentence" Ctrl+Shift+Z) and this spin clause will be randomly used while article generation ("Generate article" Ctrl + G).

Huge advantage and flexibility is that you can export to any spin format you need for further usage with other submission systems.

SAR Use any spin format you need

Spinning quality control - automatically determines and suggests completely unique quantity of article to generate based on spinning quality option.

SAR Spinning Quality selection

Smart package only

One of the key differences of the Smart package is that its synonyms database dynamically builds and constantly expanded by the real users of the Smart Article Rewriter!

Additionally with Smart package you'll get 18,000 built-in synonym sets which can be used as "Apply all favorites" (Ctrl+Shift+I) and your original article will be unique for 50%-60% right after you've paste it into Smart Article Rewriter's editor! Smart package also has feature of showing uniqueness percentage and word, sentence as well as paragraph counts.

In case if you need to merge some data with your article you can make use of templates. How to do this? For example you're selling several products from different vendors with different prices. Suppose you also have a CSV file with fields name "product, vendor, price" (field order doesn't matter). Next step is to place in your article markers "[product]“,  ”[vendor]“, “[price]“. Now you can easily create several articles that promote different products!

Smart package has powerful feature of article keyword optimization and keywords suggestion.  Online article spinner will show keyword density and suggest additional keywords for your main keyword.

Compatibility & Usage

This is an online article spinner, therefore there is no need to install any software on your PC. All you need is any version of modern operating system including Windows, Mac OS or Linux and either Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox Mozilla 3.0 or higher, Chrome 5 or higher.

Forget about software compatibility issues, updates, performance issues !

Online article spinner can be used on ANY number of PCs or other devices you have (provided that they have Internet connection and any of the web browsers listed above installed). Once you have saved your data through our service you are able to access it from anywhere. You do not have to synchronize your data with all PC you have.

Online article spinner provides secure data storage. Your articles can be accessed only from your personal account and nobody can see and use them.

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