Prosperative’s The Best Spinner Review

Prosperative’s The Best Spinner Review

The Best Spinner was one of the first professional article spinner tools on the market and can without a doubt be considered as a state of the art solution for content spinning. Since all spinning tools work pretty much the same way, by replacing words with synonyms, I’ll focus on the most interesting and unique features.

The most essential part of spinning is a huge and accurate synonym database, especially if you are trying to spin articles in niches that aren’t too popular. So, spinning an article about weight loss is probably done very well by all spinning programs, but the number of choices for more exotic articles separates the good databases from the outstanding ones. The Best Spinner uses a lately very popular cloud computing method.

New synonyms are added on the fly if users add them and since The Best Spinner has a huge number of users, this feature works very well and accurate, sorting out typos and unpopular or wrong synonyms while keeping the favorites used by many people.

Nested spinning, the shuffling of different versions of a sentence that’s spun on word level as well, is supported and it works very well.

Like most article spinners it has a manual mode and a fully automatic one, so you can either spin yourself for the best quality or let the program do the job. The automatic results are impressive, I didn’t see any other program delivering the same autospinning quality so far. Sure, there are always some errors you should correct manually since a software can’t know every meaning of a word depending on context, but never less results are fantastic.

Last but not least, the TBS API, an access interface for other tools that can integrate The Best Spinner functionality, is incredibly famous. Almost all WordPress auto-blogging plugins that support rewriting use TBS, you simply enter a special key and the plugin hooks up with TBS and spins the content for you.

Overall Rating 9/10: The Best Spinner is as perfect as an article spinning tool can be, a solid framework combined with the best database around. The only reason why I won’t ive a full 10 is that fact that it’s subscription based and can’t be bought as a one time investment.

The price is very reasonable, ​at only $47 per year and a 30-day money-back guarantee​ - really not much for a tool ​with so much value.

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