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​Private Label Rights Content, Articles, Ebooks & Courses

​People who look for content to spin often come across sites selling PLR articles, ebooks, courses as well as other forms of PLR content.  PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  This is a "license" used in internet marketing circles that signifies, if you buy the content (whatever it is), you have pretty much full rights over it.  So if you buy a PLR article, you have the right to rewrite it and put your own name on it and even resell it as-is or resell your rewritten version(s).  In the case of an ebook, you also have the right to modify the cover image or just create a totally new one and change the title of the ebook. With PLR content, not only can re resell it to end-users, but you can also resell to other resellers.

Some PLR content does come with restrictions, so you have to read the "license" to see what you can and cannot do.  For instance, one restriction you see often is restrictions on how low you can resell the PLR item for.  There are concerns as to ​the legality of this but, let's face it, if you are changing the content of the PLR item significantly, including the cover image (in the case of an ebook), it's not really anyone else's right to say what you can sell that item for since you've modified it into a totally (or mostly totally) unique product 9which was your right to do anyway since it's a PLR item).  B​ut that's something to ​watch-out for when buying PLR content.

It is worth noting that PLR is not to be confused with Resell Rights (RR) or Master Resell Rights (MRR)​. With MRR and RR, you do not have the right to change the content in any way or the cover art.  Also, with MRR and RR products you cannot change the title of the work nor can you claim to be the author of it.  In the case of RR products, you merely have the right to resell the item to end-users as-is, and in the case of MRR, you have the additional right to sell it to other resellers (who can then sell to other resellers and end-users).​

Where Do You Buy PLR Content?

PLR content can be bought from a variety of sources.  But the easiest way to get access to PLR content, as well as MRR and RR content, is through resellers like InDigital.  They have a whole library of PLR, MRR, and RR article, ebooks, videos, courses and software that you are ​ready for downloading with a yearly membership fee.  They do not sell items by piece so you have to buy a membership to access the library.  If you are interested in only a few, specific products you see on InDigital, you might be able to find someone selling it on TradeBit​.

But the fact is, InDigital offers other perks for members so it may be worth your while just paying for a yearly or lifetime membership even if you don't use most of the PLR items avail.  Just make sure that the items you want do in fact have a PLR license.  InDigital does not just sell items with PLR licenses. They also sell items with MRR and RR licenses as well as items that you cannot resell (Person Use Only). But their database of products is free to search so you can see if they have what you are looking for before you buy a membership.  

The Sky's the Limit with PLR!

PLR content ​is a great way to get content fast and for relatively cheap and you can do just about anything with it.  And in conjunction with an article/content spinner, the sky really is the limit when it comes to profiting from PLR​ content.

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