​Human Rewriters

​Hiring Humans as Article Spinners

​​If you scour the internet on topics involving article spinners and content rewriters, you will find a plethora of blogs and forum posts where people suggest rewriting articles yourself or hiring other humans to rewrite articles for you.  Using human labor (including ​your own) is certainly and option but you have to take each situation into consideration.  ​It really depends on what you are using the rewritten articles and content for and you have to have the budget to be able to hire humans to do work for you.  ​Human labor isn't cheap.

​If you need only a few articles rewritten, human rewriters can be a great choice.  You, of course, need to be able to verify their past work and you have to consider other factors like their fee and if they can write well in ​the native language the article is geared for.  ​But if you have quite a few articles or an ebook or two rewritten, well humans services can get rather expensive.  Even if you can find a human writer that charges only $3 per article or page or whatever, that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars quickly.

​Cheap article rewriters are rarely going to produce quality content and are highly likely to just ​resell you articles they have written for other clients.  Do you really want to buy "rewritten" articles that have been sold to other website owners?  You know the old adage: you get what you pay for. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is.  If you want to hire human article rewriters, you'll have to spend at least $10 per article and very few Internet Marketers can afford that on a regular basis.

​​​Enter: Software-based ​Rewriting/Spinning

​If you have a lot of content to rewrite, ​article spinner/content rewriter​ software can pay for itself in no time at all.  Once you get the hang of using your spinner, it can be quite a breeze spinning new content from your original source.  So think about your situation - how much content you will need spun in a year's time, how much value you put on your time, etc - before you decide if you want to rewrite yourself, hire a writer/rewriter, or use a software-based article spinner.  Every situation is different with different needs so don't let anyone make your decision for you.  Only you can really know what's best for you.​​​​

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