Easy Article Spinner – Resurrected

Easy Article Spinner – Resurrected

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Dear Frustrated Marketer...

Look, this really is confession time.

I mean, it really is rather embarrassing.

After I tell you, you may not like me any more.
You may think what I'm doing is immoral, unethical, or worse...
I'll let you decide.

But whatever you decide - know this:

Many internet marketers do this to consistently make a small fortune

You deserve to know this.  

And whether you agree with what I'm doing or not, you need to understand this so you know what you are up against.

My Confession?  I use article spinners -- software that re-writes articles.
What's more, I consider it absolutely essential to my business.

It's   especially true when you start using spun articles in link building services like Article Marketing Automation

And it has completely revolutionized my Internet Marketing efforts.

It's taken me from a poor sop hoping upon hope that someone would visit my website to a constantly increasing flow of traffic to the sites I desire -- and racking up sale after sale after sale.  Ka-ching!

What's embarrassing is -- it's so ridiculously easy. (Not to mention fast.)

Want to know how?

(Psst...already use these amazing pieces of software? -- then check ours out, with features not available anywhere else.)

Let's start at the beginning ...
the Basic Internet Marketing "Formula For Success"

 If you haven't been around Internet Marketing much, you may not realize that such a formula exists, but it does.  It's quite simple.

In fact, it really provides the foundation for success in nearly any business endeavor.

You can see how this works in the offline world, with shopping malls.  Shopping malls, because they have many different kinds of stores in one place make shopping easier.  This draws more people in, and, then, provides more foot traffic for all the stores in the mall.  Simply put: shopping malls provide stores with one vital part of success in the offline world: traffic.

The more people that walk by a store the more people who will see things they want to buy.  When they walk by and see a sale on something they want -- they'll buy!

That is, you get the other critical piece of online success:  conversions.

Well, that's the fancy term.  

What are conversions?  Simply, getting people to take an action you want them to take.

Most often, people refer to conversions when someone buys something.  But any time you convince or persuade someone to take an action you want them to take -- that's a conversion.  A conversion can be when someone clicks on your link, signs up for your email list or visits your webpage.

Simply put... the Internet marketing success formula is this:

Traffic + Conversions = $ucce$$


So, all you have to do is get enough people to your website (traffic), and convince 'em to buy.

End of story.

Well, not quite, right?

Some IM products have asked you to pay $37 just to find that out -- and nothing more!

What a disappointment!

Because this isn't like the movie "Field of Dreams", where you can just build your website and "they will come."

If you believe that, you've been missing a key ingredient in the "Law of Attraction": action.

But what action should you take?

Let's face it, there are gurus out there will send you down all kinds of rabbit holes.  They'll tell you "what" you need to do, but not how to do it, and take your money.  They often also tell you the long way around, knowing full well that they use shortcuts.

Let's take one of those great IM guru axioms:  "Create Great Content" (and "they will come.")

Look, um, I don't mean to be rude or anything -- but that has a reality quality score of about 0.  Right up there with "build a better mousetrap" (and "they will come.")

      There are some folks online   making a mint simply by getting their content spread all over the net (using sites like Article Marketing Automation) as   fast as they possibly can, so let's see how that works...

How The Article Marketer "Joe Schmo" Does It...

Let's take an example.  Marketer Joe Schmo has his site selling shoe soles.  He wants lots of links back to his site.

First, he  gets 10s, 100s and even more articles about shoe soles all over the Internet, all pointing back to his shoe soles sale site.

Second, it's important that he gets his content onto sites that the search engines (like Google, Microsoft's Bing, and Yahoo) love.  Article directories are a prime location.  People submit articles to top article directories and they get traffic.   But they'll get a LOT more traffic if they have more articles out there on other sites, linking back to their site.

Third, the search engines find those backlinks, and start showing his articles higher and higher in their results when people look for his article search terms.  With more sites linking to his primary site, the more the search engines love his site.

Fourth,  the more sites like Google love his site, the more traffic comes to his site.  

Fifth, the more traffic, the more people see his offers, and even simple sheer numbers will increase his sales -- even with average offers.  There are marketers who don't worry that much about conversions, but just send massive amounts of traffic to any offer they create.

Okay, that's a simplified version of the process.  People call this "article marketing."  A few years back, one marketer made a name for himself by outlining the basic process.

And one of the great features of this strategy?  It's basically "free."  Well except for...


Writing Articles:  The Problem With Article Marketing...

Before we get too far, I'll show you a ton of ways to use article spinners in a little bit.

But back to the topic.  As you might guess that the problem with article marketing ... excuse me, the problemS with article marketing are:

·        Not everyone can write, or

·        Not everyone wants to write.

·        Or maybe it just takes too long to write...even just one article...

·        And if they don't write the articles, they have to hire someone to do it ... at $5 and up per article

So -- how do you get 10s, 100s and even more of your articles out there without spending a lifetime or a small fortune?

That is, the kind of articles that search engines want:  unique, high quality articles.

I do know of successful marketers who disciplined themselves and wrote, and wrote, and wrote.  And they've been wildly successful.   But it did take some time for their businesses to get up to speed.  After all, if you want to get 360 articles out there and can write 3 articles a day, that's about 4 months' worth of writing -- every day.

You can do it that way, if you want...but why spend that much time and effort -- when you can spend it on creating new products -- when there's a much easier, simpler, and frankly, cheaper, way... (Unless, of course, you value your time at pennies-per-hour.)

So what to do?

How To Write Once..."Spin Many"...
1 Article Turns Into 34 Articles Which Are 60% Unique From One Another!

Write once, spin, and get many, many articles.

You get much more articles if you lower the uniqueness factor, if the uniqueness factor is 1 you can get millions of unique articles.

How does this work?

Take a 250 word article of  24 100% Unique Sentences
Each sentence gets spun 3 times.

Now, since we want a uniqueness of 30%, how many of those sentences can be the same?

24 * 30% = 7.2, or we'll say 8 sentences can be the same.
That leaves 24-8 or 16 sentences that can be (not need to be) different).

Since there are 16 sentences that can take on 3 different variations -- we have 3x3x3... (3 times itself 16 times, or, for you math whizzes, 3 to the 16th power)  possible article combinations!

And, 3 times itself 16 times is ....(a really large number)...

(pssst...3 to the 16th  -- written 3^16 -- is the same as (3^4)^4 -- 3^4 =81.
So, this is the same as 81x81x81x81)

43,046,721  --- over 40 million different combinations!

That's 5 times more than 8 million!!!

(If you want to know more about uniqueness, why it matters, and how to figure it out, read on!)

The Great Fortress Of  Content...
Surprising Ways You Can Use "Easy Article Spinner"...

So, now, after having checked out your spinner above, where else can you use this awesome, yet oh-so-easy to use tool?

We've really kinda hit the Article Marketing bit.  And, to tell you the truth, article marketers have been the first to enthusiastically embrace this kind of software.  (Well, and maybe some college students, but we don't want to encourage that sort of behavior...).  But here's our ever-growing list of places where you might find article re-writers useful -- don't let the word "article" in the title throw you:

·        Article Marketing Automation (#1 choice)

·        Blogs

·        Forum Postings

·        Bios

·        Twitter Posts

·        Sales pages

·        Pre-sell pages

·        Affiliate reviews

·        News stories

·        Announcements

·        Press Releases

·        "About Us" Pages

·        Social Networking Profiles

·        Support Tickets

·        Instruction Manuals

·        Usage Instructions

·        FAQs

·        White papers

·        Recipes

·        Instructions

·        about us pages

·        song lyrics...

·        Speeches

·        Plays

·        Creativity booster...

...what do you need to write ? If it takes words, it can be re-spun...

Whatever it is ... an article re-writer can help! Whether you need to get your name out there, or just would like some variations and you're facing writer's block...

(The ONLY limit is your imagination...)



       So now here's the important question ...now that you know what an article spinner can do for you, make sure the one you select meets these criteria:


Do Other Spinners Measure Up?

We've Examined Them All, And Only Then Built Easy Article Spinner To Be The Best...
(Both Now And Into The Future...But You Decide!)

1. Ultra-Power -- Runs Through Billions of Combinations

So how long would it take you to re-write 1 article.  Some people can actually write original articles faster than they can re-write them.    Very few people could write, or re-write, in article in 4 minutes.  Yet, in that same amount of time, you can have millions of re-written articles.

And Easy To Use

If you've used other article spinners, you've probably found them not always too easy to use.

Some require you to log into websites -- talk about a waste of time!

And then the ability to control what you want -- I don't know about you -- but have you found yourself sitting there with the clock ticking away ... trying to figure out how to do something in your spinner ?

We dived into something called "human factors" -- that is, how to make this software as easy as possible for you to use.

No more searching for that needed button -- create an article, open a saved article, or save your current article -- they're where you can easily find them -- right at the top.

Then, there is the Easy Article Spinner tools: new, original and valuable tools only available with Easy Article Spinner.  First, you can choose how you want your files exported.  Next, how many articles do you want?  And, finally, the groundbreaking "% uniqueness."  We'll tell you more about those in a moment.

At the bottom, where they make the most sense, are your edit, preview, and export buttons.

You don't have to wait until after the file is created to see what the variations look like -- you can preview them all before clicking export.

Pretty simple, eh?

To make this fast, we used Windows.  There are lots of features of Windows that we harnessed to make the Easy Article Spinner the most robust, most powerful, yet easy to use tool in your toolbox. Because the software makes use of many well-tested components within Windows, there are fewer "moving parts" to break.

So, Easy Article Spinner debuts as a Windows application.  That means everything happens on your Windows computer.  You can even use it without the Internet!

Further, before, where it may have taken you multiple spinners to get the result you want -- just use one.  As we go through all the features, you'll see how this software speeds up your article spinning and submissions quicker and easier.


2. Faster Article submission....

Have you been stuck using multiple article spinners to get the combination of features you want? I know I have.

For instance, I have one re-writer that spins articles but then it puts each version into separate files.   Now,  you may or may not have used article submission software.  And it may make sense to you to have your 1000 different variations in 1000 different files.

But it doesn't.  And I'll tell you why.

You're spending at least twice as long to submit each article!


Because you have to open up each one of those files -- and copy and paste the contents into the submission software (or into the article directory submission form) -- into the form.

Let me tell you something:  if you have to open each of those files, it's taking you a lot longer to submit your articles.  A LOT.  It may take you as much as twice as long.

So, whether you want just 1 file, or 10,000 files -- you can choose.

And while this very first edition of Easy Article Spinner doesn't come with an article submitter -- get it today, and you'll be automatically upgraded to Easy Article Spinner Pro -- which will!  Plus, more and more features will continue to be added....Get your copy of Easy Article Spinner today...


3. Choose Your Destination...

Let's face it.

Most article spinners output their spun text in one way:  text.

But maybe you don't want your articles in text.

Sure, that's good for most article directories out there...but what if you are spinning articles for blog posts instead?

You can choose to have the articles output in html format!

Yep.  It's an intelligent article spinner.

You can get your choice of formats:

·        plain text

·        plain text, when 1 file chosen, with breaks in between the different variations

·        plain text with links

·        simple html


Have The Article Spinner You've Dreamed Of!.

4. Why We Got Banned From Google! (Intentionally!)


No other article re-writer does this.


In order to create this feature, extensive research went into discovering what was meant by "uniqueness." We tested the search engines.  We created accounts.  We even (intentionally, for the sake of research) got our sites banned from Google.

We had to know:  what does "unique" mean?

Why does this matter?

Well, when you spin articles -- if you create many articles to be put out on "authority sites" on the Web -- you want to make sure that your articles are seen as unique.

Let's face it -- this is absolutely key if you are using article spinners to create backlinks to your website.

Everything else is ... a guess!  You can put up your spun articles on different article directories, and even if the different directories accept them -- if the search engine checking them out, and comparing them, doesn't see them as different, then you lose.  Maybe only one article will not be indexed and the other will. But worse yet, both articles could disappear from the search engine's index.

If you created blog posts for your content -- your whole blog could disappear from the search engines!

Meaning?  Meaning all that time and effort you spent -- wasted.

Hopefully, you don't get your site banned, like we did in our research.

With Easy Article Spinner...you can choose how unique you want your articles to be.

(Psst...our studies have shown that 30% is about right, in order to be seen as unique by the search engines...but we'll continue researching, and let you know, as an owner of Easy Article Spinner -- and make any changes to help you stay on top of the game...Uniqueness is a tricky game...)

5. High Quality Articles

Another complaint that people have about the article re-writers they use:  they put out garbage content.

This is because they use automatic synonym replacement -- and the results that get output have become the laughingstock of the industry.

Why does this happen?  Well, any particular word can have multiple meanings -- and, let's face it, computers are clever, but they haven't quite made it to understanding which of those multiple meanings is appropriate

For instance, if I talk about a cat fight in the bar -- choosing feline as a replacement for cat would lose a lot of context.

Part of problem is simply this:  a huge percentage of our language is idiomatic.  And automatic synonym replacement will result in garbage.  It's true, some people don't care.  Or some people just re-write it again (why bother?)

Not so with Easy Article Spinner.  Because of the unique design, where you select the words and the context, you will get articles that are meaningful, readable and high quality.  (It's very easy to provide Easy Article Spinner with the alternates you want for words or phrases -- it just takes a click! No messing around with finding those hard-to-type characters, such as curly brackets.)

It also does not just scrape other sites.  Quite frankly, that's just wrong.  And assembling phrases from a variety of sites may be helpful, but it hardly provides a consistent, high-quality article.

6. High Quality, Professionally Created Software

The sad truth is, marketers grab onto an idea and run with it.

When they see a piece of software that does X, and they know X can bring them in lots of leads, lots of opt-ins, lots of sales, they blindly pay for it.

What's happened is, there's a lot of shoddy software out there being sold to marketers.

And, even if it's half-way decent software, it was written by one person or one group -- on contract.  That means that when there's a new version of the operating system that it works with, or a bug, the owner has to find someone to fix it.  Usually, and to the misfortune of purchasers, the owner usually finds it's not worth the money to fix.

Don't believe me?  Ever bought any of those "source code" sales?  Or know anyone who has?

There's a reason why the software source is being sold  -- and it's because it's at the end of its life.  As determined by the kinds of events described above.

Not here.  This software is developed "in house" by a full-time professional software engineer, with a degree in computer science from a leading Canadian University.

And that's also how we'll always be leading the path that other makers of article spinners will have to keep up with.  So why not go with a leader?

7. Highly Responsive Creator

Great software, the kind of software that takes the internet marketing scene by storm is usually software that started out to meet the needs of the one person -- the creator.

That's what's happened here.

I understand what you need, because I created this to meet the shortcomings of the article re-writers out there.  And believe me, I looked.

Now, you, as an owner, can contribute to the future versions of the software.

I want to hear what you want and need, to continue to make this the premiere article re-writing software.

Have The Article Spinner You've Dreamed Of!.



Why This Is The LAST Article Spinner You'll ever Need...

Because it's simply the finest piece of article re-writing software out there.

If you need high-quality article re-writing, you need Easy Article Spinner.


And today you can ...


Get ALL THIS with Easy Article Spinner:


You Get ALL These Things When You
Get Easy Article Spinner Today

1.   Ultra Fast And Easy To Use

2.    Faster Article submission....because you can select how many files you want created.

3.   Choose Your Destination...Different Purposes require different formats -- don't be just locked into .text files

4.    Choose your level of uniqueness

5.   High Quality Articles -- Quality You Can Control

6.   High Quality, Professionally Created Software

7.    Ultra-Responsive Creator -- will listen to users to make sure that it continues to be the BEST Article Re-writer out there!

And don't forget...these coming features...

1.    Synonym Selection Assistance

2.   Semi-Automated Curly Brackets Insertion

3.   Additional export functions

Start Enjoying Easy Article Spinner Immediately --
Any time of the day, even at 3:13am!

Where Else Can You Get All These Features?

Nowhere. Get Easy Article Spinner today and start raking in all the benefits of more traffic to your website (if you are an article marketer) -- or more business, if you are a service professional -- or just more and better ideas.  Quickly see how different variations will sound!

Join me today.

To Your Increased Online Reputation!

P.S.  Look, whether you work at home, are a service professional, an affiliate marketer -- you need the help of an article re-writer.   Even if you only use it to help you write more articles more quickly, it will pay for itself rapidly.  In fact, the value of article marketing for anyone who finds it worthwhile to have a website.  One financial consultant, in fact, has been able to fill his practice simply from article marketing.

P.P.S. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to give this spinner away for free. So be sure to sign up today.

P.P.P.S. I'm determined to be the best in the industry -- to provide the best article re-writer out there, free or paid.  Remember, after downloading this product, it's extremely easy to use.

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