​Content Builders

​What is a Content Builder or Article Builder?

​Content builders or ​Article builders are a programs that build textual content by scraping parts of articles from the internet and/or from a database of PLR content according to keywords & phrases you specify.  It will them compiles these parts into one article then spin them to create one unique article.  Depending on the content builder, it may be possible to specify specific pages and files from which to scrape the content.  ​Some content builders may even find videos and license free pictures to use inside the finished article.

​Content builders can be a great tool that can save even more time over just a plain article spinner because with an article spinner you have to provide the seed content..  Whereas, with a content builder, if finds the content for you.

​Among other features, one feature an article builder might have is an auto-blogging feature.  This means you can set ​the content builder to automatically upload the finished articles to your blog and even specify the frequency at which it posts ​the articles.  This is called "drip-posting" and is always a good idea since uploading too many articles to a blog looks rather inhuman to search engine bots.  


​Probably the biggest downside of content builders is that ​it's spinner function might not be the best​ so the end-results may not be as good as it would be if you would run the scraped and compiled content through one the the best article spinner programs available.

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