How to Choose The Right Article Spinner

How to Choose The Right Article Spinner

Choosing the right article spinner for improved Search Engine Optimization

It's a popular question these days - "How do I choose the right article spinner?". With recent Google algorithm updates, many people who were using article spinners have seen a drastic decrease in Google rankings. So this is a very legit question.


First of all, take all the free or extremely ​simple article spinners out there and throw those out the window. While they may have been useful at one point in time many years ago, they simply don't produce search engine-safe, human-readable content and the spun content they do generate is usually not anywhere near 75% unique, which is a good uniquness target for responsible users of content rewriters and article spinners.  In the case of spinners, you can bet that free isn't the way to go and cheap is usually a bad choice as well.

But on the subject of which is the right premium article spinner for you, only you can answer that however with the lack of choice for good spinners on the market, your choices are very limited.

One thing you have to figure out for yourself is whether you want software that only spins articles and whatever other content you feed it or do you need an all-in-one solution that not only spins your content but also generates content from a database as well as automatically posts the content to your blogs on a set schedule (aka autoblogger).

Whatever your answer is, currently can recommend 2 choices for your needs that we feel are worthy for serious SEO efforts. We have not found any other solutions that we feel are thorough enough or trustworthy enough to rely upon. This is because most software on the market are not updated frequently enough to keep up with the times, nor do they have extensive or updated thesauri.  When it comes to SEO and content marketing, these features are crucial and can mean the difference between successfully indexed and ranked sites or getting "Google Slapped".

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