The Best Article Spinner?

The Best Article Spinner?

Finding the best article spinner early on in your Internet Marketing career can mean the difference between real success versus endless frustration. Unfortunately, there are two major wake-up calls any aspiring affiliate or IM’er must go through before seeing success: One is the realization that there are no push button programs for online riches. That one is learned early on after purchasing course after course of products that don’t do what they promise. You’re not alone-we all do it.

The second, and this might come a little bit later for some, is grasping the concept that in order to be successful in this business you’re going to have to produce a lot of content. Period. Article writing and blog posting is king. The marketers that can consistently do this and always keep unique content flowing on their sites and in front of Google will win. It’s that simple. If you are a great video marketer then you can make videos. The rest of us still have to use words.  And it takes A LOT of words. The internet is a text vortex that will take in all your content, and if it’s unique then you get ranked in the SERPS and can live happily ever after. But if it’s duplicated, the internet gods will know it and you will go to the place where all copied content dies: the supplemental index. Website hell.

​Avoiding Duplicate Content

Surprisingly, prior to 2010 Google did not punish websites for having duplicated content. That has changed dramatically with multiple algorithm up​dates like the ​Panda update in early 2011. This angered those in the Internet Marketing community who relied on cheap, “farmed” content and they quickly saw some of their rankings vanish.

Those that had focused on high quality material all along were largely protected in their rankings, though, as their content was unique. When you think about it, the skill of superior article writing will only grow in value as search engines get smarter and smarter. We won’t go backwards, and what may still be working with regards to bad article re-writing won’t last much longer. Your might as well make it good.

So to produce all of these quality posts and articles takes a ton of work, and you’re going to have to either outsource it and spend money on articles each time or write them yourself by hand. ​But there is another way: invest in the best article spinner money can buy and consistently crank out unique content.

​How Do Spinners Work?

Simply put, a spinner is a type of article rewriting software that takes any piece of text-be it a ​phrase, sentence, paragraph or even a large group of them and “spins” the synonyms and phrases into another version that is different but still readable. The hope is that the changes to the elements of the text are enough to make it unlike the previous version but still keep the spirit of the meaning. The best article spinners do this very well, where a bad one makes a completely unreadable mess.

To use the overworked IM example of dog training, consider the following sentence:

“Being consistent early on is an extremely important aspect of great dog training.”

A particularly good article re-writer might turn that into:

“Staying consistent in the early stages is a very important aspect associated with awesome canine education.”

Okay, so it isn’t going to win any Pulitzers, but it’s still readable and it’s changed enough to be considered unique. How do you know it’s unique? The best article spinners have content “checkers” that scour the net once you click a button to look for other copies that match yours and tell you if it has a match out there online. Most use Copyscape, which charges a fee for every check. But ​Prosperative's "The Best Spinner" has it’s own internal version of that application that will check each article for free. It’s a fantastic addition that we’ll cover in our full review of the recent release of The Best Spinner 3.0.

​Going Deeper

The best article spinners also generate what is called “spintax” or “spin syntax” that is embedded into the article itself. This is the short list of “acceptable” words that either the system thesaurus has chosen automatically or which is selected by you if you are manually spinning the article.  The prepared version of a fully spun article will have the embedded spintax enclosed with brackets, like this:

a very {essential|crucial|vital|necessary} aspect…

The rewriting engine selects each word once in the brackets on every spin to produce a different phrase each time. Entire articles re-written and full of spintax can look like “walls of words” but the best article spinner programs can handle these with ease. They also can do what are called, “nested spins”, which takes spinning to the next level by replacing entire paragraphs and sentences and the words inside them!

It all can get very confusing and this is one reason to only use the top spinners as they make nesting easy. The internet is full of free article writing software but you really get what you pay for here. Even with the best free article spinners you are only exchanging your investment of money with your investment in time. At the end of the day, the whole reason for spinning is to be able to produce content faster yet with a high quality. Time spent “rewriting” a “rewritten” article just because you used a free article spinner still has a cost.

​In Summary

Spinners tend to get a bad rap simply because they aren’t used properly.  When done incorrectly, a spun article becomes unintelligible - some are even unintentionally hilarious.  It’s all in the skill of the user and the quality of the spinning software.  Keep in mind that article re-writers are just tools in our Internet Marketing toolbox to increase our efficiency. Just like a baker uses an electric mixer to whip cream, he’s perfectly capable of doing it by hand.  The tools we use are a means to an end and we should shoot for the same quality of spinner as we expect in our content.  Take the time to do your research and pick the best article spinner you can afford and it will be an investment in your business.

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