Authority Link Network ALN Review

Authority Link Network ALN Review

Everybody wants backlinks, everybody needs backlinks but high quality backlinks are hard to find. Most people completely rely on the usual link sources like social bookmarks, blog comments or other relatively spammy approaches. Especially after the latest Google Panda update, these kinds of automated mass backlinks don’t work very well any more. Even worse, getting penalized for excessive link spam is now much more likely.

To avoid problems and rank for competitive keywords good links, directly from the content, are your top choice. That’s what networks like Authority Link Network aka ALN are made for. So far, most of them charged per article submission or had relatively high monthly fees of $67, $97 or even $127. ALN is a lot cheaper, prices start at $14.95 per month for unlimited submissions.

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There is just one catch: In order to get submissions, you need to add own blogs with pagerank to the network, the higher the page rank of the blog or blogs you add, the more daily submissions you get.

One submission point translates to your spun article with the backlinks of you choice getting published on 15 blogs of other members. The advantage of this system is obvious: A huge IP Popularity and alot of Geo Variation of your links. All those links are pagerank links, because blogs without page rank can’t be added to the system and blogs who lost pagerank are constantly removed. Even better, each member needs to ensure that 10 blog posts are published on the front page. From my observation, it stays there for a least a few days since the overall number of blogs in ALN are almost 9000 at the moment!

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Got unused domains with pagerank? Want to boost your rankings without spending a lot of money? Then Authority Link Network is your choice. Even if you don’t have any spare domains with page rank, they can easily be bought relatively cheap on forums like Digital Point or services like Snapnames.

​This is not a fancy secret method or bogus link spam system, these are solid whitehat links many big professional SEO agencies often sell their clients at a price per link that’s higher than the monthly ALN membership fee of $14.95. Targeted "do follow" content links from sites with pagerank​ - basically the best type of links you can get for your website.

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