​Output Samples of ​Content Rewiters/Article Spinners

​​​​You came here looking for samples of spun articles from the various content spinners/article rewriters listed on ArticleSpinner.com.  We would like to provide them to you as we have in the past. However, when we did so, we ​were accused on various sites and forums of showing articles that ​were rewritten by humans​.

And in all ​honesty, we can understand the lack of trust people had so we decided to remove them from the site.  After all, how does one really know they were spun by a spinner or just rewritten by a human?  They don't, so we took them down.

And to be quite frank, they aren't really needed.  ​All of the best article spinner programs ​offer a free trial period and/or a money-back guarantee, so there is no reason to take anyone's word as to the quality of any spinner's output​.

​Take a Closer Look​

​Check out best article spinners and their features, sign-up for a free trail and check it out for yourself. ​For the spinners that offer no trial, they are very good at honoring their money-back guarantee if requested inside the time-frame noted on their site.  In fact, they have to because payment processors require it and they risk getting their processor account shut down if they don't honor a money-back guarantee.  Just don't pay anyone with Bitcoin or other crypto currencies as your recourse options are limited.

sample of article spinners