Article Marketing Robot AMR Review

Article Marketing Robot AMR Review

Spinning articles is perfect for generating loads of unique versions, but submitting them manually is extremely time-consuming and ineffective. You may choose some service from a forum, but long-term that’s very expensive and you are never sure if the submissions are really done the way you want them to be done. So, basically, having a good article submitter is a must.

Article Marketing Robot, often just called AMR is certainly one of the top submitting solutions and only rivaled by Article Demon. Since they both support the same platforms and AMR costs at least $30 less it was my first choice.

The first really pleasant surprise is the fact that Article Marketing Robot offers a big preloaded database, so no need to spend many hours or days scraping and building your submission list, you can instantly start off with 1500+ article directories.

Account creation is ​easy since AMR integrates ​CAPTCHA ​services and comes with a email confirming feature, so getting your accounts registered and ready for submission is an automated task. Enter details, push button, enjoy. The successful registrations will vary, from my experience around 60-75% success is the average which is really good for full auto mode, keeping in mind that article directories pop up and are closed down as fast as social bookmarking sites.

The integrated spinner isn’t bad, ​but it's not a professional article spinner, like The Best Spinner (see review) which is certainly superior for rewriting purposes. If you don’t have a spinning tool and don’t want to invest in one, you can use this built-in spinner, but be advised that it’s a submitter and will never reach the spinning quality of a dedicated spinning tool with user driven cloud thesaurus.

The submission process itself is really fast, thanks to parallel threads, so no waiting for one directory till you can submit to the next one. Multi-threading speeds up the process a lot and isn’t included in most other article submission programs. You can also schedule your submissions in a drip-feeding style, if you don’t want Google to find all those links at once. At the end, you get a nice report. My usual results are about 70% successful live submissions, again, absolutely impressive for full automation.

​Article Marketing Robot is an easy solution ​for submitting to hundreds or thousands of directories without any lengthy submission list building or similar. Sure, you can add more sites to submit to yourself, but it’s refreshing to see a submitter that can be used as is without additional work. This makes it especially attractive for new internet marketers.

Even better, if you are not sure if it’s a good investment (it is!), you can download the software and take a 5 day free trial, so no need to buy without testing. No discount code or coupon needed!

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